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Crazy Eye brands offer the most exciting CBD brand to hit the market with two major offerings: California Blazed & California Infused!

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Lab Certified

High quality, delicious extracts, complete with lab certifications to back it all up.

Hexane Free

All of our products are carefully sourced right here in the U.S. using only the finest ingredients.

GMO Free

TheCrazy Eye Brands family is dedicated to pushing industry standards.

Try Crazy Eye

Find us in every major retailer in summer 2019 and ask to try our new 10mcg on the go shot!

Everything you need, With one brand

Quality and Consistency

Crazy Eye focuses on the best ingredients for the best product experience a user could have.

CBD Everything

We focus exclusively on CBD based products and have become an expert in the space for the last few years.

Gummies & Shots

We carry the easiest to consumer products designed to make your CBD consumption easy and enjoyable!

Made With Passion

We are not just business people looking for a quick buck, but rather seasoned users with loive for the product!